Day 2 So, You Want to be a Landlord

Today was an official Holiday, the celebration of New Years Day.  I like many others had the day off.  How did I spend my day off?  Remodeling one of the bathrooms in the rental house.  It was a tough job and I was not really happy about spending my day off working on a house someone else lives in, but it needed to be done.  I was not able to complete the remodel, but I’m about 85% complete.  The major tasks are completed, the final touches will be completed this week.

You can see by my self portrait that it was a long day.  I need to work on composing the self portrait better.  It’s easier with a tripod, this one was handheld and tough to focus.  Wow, I’m scary tonight.  Looks like I better get some rest!



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