Day 34 The Gray Days of Winter

The tree in the field looks so lonely, yet somewhat majestic with it’s outreaching branches.  I like to see the lone tree out in the middle of a farm field.  It’s like the tree has earned the respect of the farmer.  Kind of brings that saying to mind, “only the strong survive”.  The surrounding colors, or lack there of, make for a melancholy message, winter still has a grip on Michigan.  Winter in Michigan is pretty dull and gray when there is no snow.  Rarely are we treated to a sunny day in February.  This is a  typical winter day, gray sky, brown dirt or mud,  and hardly any green.   Today we had temperatures in the 40’s again.  We have had minimal snow this winter and most of us Michiganders feel that “the big one” is still lurking.  Just when you think you are out of winter and heading for spring; bam, a blizzard hits and we get buried when we least expect it.  I enjoy the big snow storms that catch us by surprise.  They help to brighten the gray days of winter.


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