Day 47 Tree x Three

Today was another “Gray” day.  The temperature got high enough to melt the remaining snow and the sun stayed away all day.  I met Vicki for lunch and decided to take my camera to try and get a couple of nice photo opportunities.  It was so bland out that I was losing my inspiration, when I saw the tree standing out in the field.  I really like the way the branches feather out into little tiny strands at the end.  The grayness of the sky made it possible to show the detail of these branches.  In my mind, my picture would be a black and white photo emphasizing the contrast between the sky and the fine branches.  As I sat down at the computer and uploaded my images I started to tinker around in Photoshop.  Now, I can get carried away in Photoshop, I lose all track of time.  So reduced the saturation level all the way until I had the monochrome image you see to the left.  Then I played with HDR Toning, something new to me.  The result is the surreal colorful photo in the middle.  I really like the detail and the saturated colors; what a great way to brighten up a gray day.   The photo at the right is the original color shot.  I decided I like all three together.



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