Day 55 New Lens

I am excited, my new lens arrived yesterday.  I purchased the Tokina ATX116PRODXN wide angle lens from B & H Photo.  The lens arrived yesterday, after I missed the UPS delivery on Wednesday, by about 20 minutes.  I was unable to do anything with the lens, other than to open the box and ooh and aah over it, chomping at the bit to get out and shoot with it.  We had Bible study after work and then had to run home and help Vicki get packed for her weekend in Chicago.  Needless to say, there was no time for photography last night.  I was glad I was able to get a few shots in the morning yesterday, see my depth of field post.    Now today, I drove Vicki and her coworkers to the train station early this morning, through the snow storm, and then worked all day, with the Tokina calling me.  Finally, the work day was done.  I ventured out into the snow once more to rustle up some grub for Justin and me, a trip to the Dead Creek Saloon for one of their awesome Dead Creek burgers.  You guessed it, I took my camera with the new lens mounted on it.  I knew I wouldn’t have much time, maybe just a few quick shots.

There is a little old one room school house, The Hart One Room School House, right across the street from the Dead Creek Saloon.  The day light was fading fast, so I ran in the saloon, paid for the burgers then jumped in the car and drove over to get a couple of photos.  I love the old weathered rail fence, so I wanted to focus on it and show the school house in the background.  I shot with a wide aperture down the fence line and kept the school house in the right side of the frame, between the fence rails.  You can see the grain and moss growing on the rails.  The white snow adds a nice contrast.  The photo below is a shot of the school house zoomed out so you can view the other elements on the property.  I really like the the way the old schoolhouse looks with the wood fence in the foreground, the fresh snow all around, all framed by the leafless trees.  The open gate invites us to, “come on in”.

I am very pleased with the Tokina so far.  I have had very limited experience with it, but I love the way it feels on the camera.  I had read many reviews, all of them giving the lens high grades.  The only negative comment I’ve seen, was that it was very heavy.  I don’t think it feels heavy at all.  It does feel solid and it’s not plasticky (is that a word?).  I am looking forward to shooting more pictures with this lens.  I will be sure to share them here and also on my other site,




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