Day 60 Tiffany

Today is a bonus day!  Pretty cool that on my 60th post, it’s leap day.  This is a shot of our favorite lamp.  The Tiffany lamp has been in Vicki’s family for years.  The story is that her great grandfather traveled to New York and while there, purchased the lamp from Tiffany’s and then carried the lamp on his lap the whole way back.  Each time we move, we take the lamp down and carefully package it.  Believe me, it is heavy after holding it for a while.  It makes me think back to Vicki’s great grandpa riding that whole way with that thing sitting on his lap; then I feel a little foolish for having to hold the lamp for maybe 5 minutes, while we disconnect it.  We do have it easy these days compared to our grandfathers and great grandfathers.  Boy, those were the days!

I really like the colors on this lamp.  After all these years, they are still vivid.


I have put together a slide show of the first 60 days of my posts.  The background music is composed and performed by my daughter, Amanda Lewis.  You can visit her youtube page, letsdomusic22.  Enjoy the music, and thanks for visiting my blog.


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