Day 82 Portrait of Vicki


I finally persuaded my lovely wife Vicki to pose for a portrait. In addition to being my wife, she is my best friend, and I enjoy our time together. So it was great that Vicki was willing to pose. I wanted practice lighting with 1 light. I’m glad Vicki posed for me, I really like this photo. I like the way the shadows create a mysterious feel. My light source was a Nikon SB900 in a soft box. I have been shooting mostly in manual mode lately. I have found it helps me become more aware of the light and depth of field in my photos; which in turn helps me to become more involved with each shot. The result is that there is more of me in the photos, I am more intimately involved with each picture. I used to just set it on aperture or shutter priority and let the camera decide what the best setting was. I have come to enjoy manual mode.


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