Day 89 Black Coffee

We love coffee in this house. We like our coffee black, and we like it bold. We drink a lot of coffee in our house. Each morning is a routine, I’m sure like many others out there, we start the coffee before anything else gets started. We have a grind and brew coffee maker, that grinds the whole beans and then brews the coffee into a thermal carafe. Our coffee of choice is Starbucks. We are drinking “Tribute” this week and loving it. We have become hooked on Starbucks and really enjoy the bold flavors. Our favorites include; Italian Roast, Espresso Roast, and Sumatra. Coffee gets us going, that little jolt from the caffeine, the smell of the fresh ground beans, and the aroma of the coffee as it brews. Black coffee… I remember when I was a young boy, my dad would order coffee, “coffee, black please”; and I would watch him sip it, and savor the taste. My dad was and still is a coffee lover. It must be in the genes. Like father, like son.


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