Day 91 CPL Class

Pistols and holsters were displayed showing the many available options to carriers.
We visited Vicki’s Aunt Ann and Uncle Mark this weekend, down in the Jackson area. We drove down last night and were treated to a wonderful dinner and had a nice visit. This morning we attended the Concealed Pistol Licensing (CPL) class. This is the class that all applicants for a Concealed Pistol License must complete prior to submitting the application. Uncle Mark was the Host and Assistant to NRA Instructors Greg Panzl and Earl Poleski. There were 10 other students in addition to Vicki and me.
Mark demonstrates the rear sight on a Glock
The class was a full 8 hours with classroom instruction followed by firing range instruction. Our instructors have a wealth of experience and did a fantastic job of teaching us the importance of safety and the importance of being prepared mentally and physically while defending yourself and others. Earl instructed us on the Michigan law as it relates to Concealed Pistol License and the responsibility of those who carry. Mark demonstrated the many available options one has when it comes to choosing a pistol; revolver vs. auto-load, the different calibers of bullets, and the type of bullets available. Greg taught us defensive shooting skills, and strategies for home and personal safety.
Vicki and Uncle Mark, ready to begin target practice
It was a long day, but the class time went by quickly because the subject was pertinent and very interesting. One of the topics covered how to safe guard your home and included practical step you can take to make your house more unfriendly to criminals. After all, aren’t we all concerned with assuring that we are doing all that we can to provide a safe environment for our family?


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