Day 131 – Autumn Olive

The Autumn Olive is in full bloom. The fragrance of the blossoms fills the air. When I see an Autumn Olive, it reminds me of an earlier time. We lived in an old farmhouse and decided to plant 100 Autumn Olive trees we purchased from the county. Our lab puppy Sheba, was keeping me company while I was planting the trees. One by one, I would push the spade into the earth to open a crevice to plant each little sapling. I was happy to be nearing the end of my planting task, there were about five more to plant, when I looked back to survey my progress. Much to my dismay, Sheba had pulled up each of the baby trees, just as quick as I had planted them. All the little trees I had planted lay strewn about the yard and Sheba was standing there wagging her tail, waiting for me to plant the next tree.


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