Project 365 Photography

Day 165 – S.O.O.C. Straight Out Of Camera


The assignment for Digital-Photography-School is, SOCC (Straight Out of Camera). No post processing, no altering colors or light, just shoot and post. This is different for me, I’ve been shooting in RAW this year. I have made a concerted effort to shoot in RAW and I’ve also changed my camera setting to manual. So, for this shot, I changed to jpeg fine, and posted right out of the camera.

It’s hard to believe this is day 165. I’ve learned a lot with this challenge and I look at my surroundings in a different way. Always looking for a photo opportunity. I may not always have my Nikon D300S with me, but I do have the iPhone 4S camera with me at all times. Thank you for checking in and viewing my photos, and thanks for the “likes”, this helps keep me motivated to keep on posting. Enjoy 🙂