Project 365 Photography

Day 209 – A Flush Beats a Full House

Today didnt start well for us. None of our toilets would flush, our drains would not drain, and water was dripping from the drain pipe and running all over the basement floor. We determined we had a septic tank problem. We searched the phone book and dialed the closest Septic Service. The phone rang and the answering machine kicked in, “klines Septic Service, where a Flush beats a Full House everyday”. I knew we had found the right man for the job. We needed a flush, we had a full house. Randy came over, after I dug to uncover the two caps to the septic tank (I’ll probably be sore for a week). By 11:00am we were back in business. A little tip for anyone with a septic tank, be sure to have it pumped out once every 5 years. Remember in the septic business a flush beats a full house every day. 🙂