Day 242 – Bug on a Weed

I found this bug in the weeds this evening. I’m not really sure what kind of insect this is, it appeared to be drinking nectar from the blossoms of the weed. I shot this with my 18-200mm Nikon lens, it isn’t a macro, so I had to crop it really tight in Lightroom. If you can identify this insect, please leave a comment.

Day 241 – Nephew Paul

I recently read an article in Photoshop User Magazine (sign up for a free issue) that showed a technique for pushing the sharpness and details of your images. I decided to give it a try with a photo I took of my nephew, Paul, while he was pitching horse shoes. The result is a very sharp, detailed photo that really brings out the intensity and concentration Paul had in the heat of competition. Pitching horse shoes is a lot of fun, and has become a tradition at the Lewis Family Picnic. Who knows, maybe one day we will see it as an Olympic sport. 🙂

Day 239 – Happy 1st Day of College

Today was the first day of college for Amanda and Justin, even though they attend different colleges, they both had their first day today. The first day of school was always an exciting time in our house while the kids were growing up. We always made sure to take a picture of them dressed in their new school clothes, adorned with their back packs, and anxiously waiting for the bus. This year we were not able to take a picture, with Justin attending Concordia University Chicago, and Amanda attending Saginaw Valley State University and living on her own, Vicki and I were not able to see them off. So, Happy 1st Day of College to Amanda and Justin, and all the other college students!

Day 238 – Dads, Daughters and Dating

One of the hardest adjustments for me as a father, has been to remain civil and not overprotective when my daughter Amanda began dating. Dads, you know what I mean. This is my little girl, even though she is a young lady, I still feel like I need to protect her. Early on when Amanda was 5 or 6 we agreed that she would not date until she turned 25. She broke her end of the deal. When you get right down to it, we dads just want to make sure that our daughters are treated with respect and kindness. We may come off as being over protective bears, but it’s just our way of making sure that our daughters are being treated properly. As a father we want to make sure that the young man that comes a callin’ is a gentleman who will give you a firm handshake and look you in the eye when he talks to you. This is my daughter Amanda pictured above with her boyfriend Eric. Eric is a gentleman and seems to genuinely care for Amanda, and he treats her like a lady. My daughter is happy and that’s the main thing right fellow dads?

Day 237 – Computer Issues

It’s been a tough week technically speaking. My computer is running as slow as molasses. I had problems last week publishing photos to this blog. The problem, as far as I can tell, was a virus. I cleaned the virus off and was able to publish once again, but the old dell was still turtle slow. So now i am in the process of moving my photos to an external hard drive in the hope that will solve my problem. Thank goodness I am able to publish via iPhone!

Day 236 – M&M Chocolate

M&M Milk Chocolate candy is hard to resist. Vicki likes to have a bowl on display, but the display never lasts long. It’s like the m&ms are calling out to me and I am unable to resist. I can’t eat one, I grab a handful, and before you know it the display is gone. So, I decided to shoot the m&ms tonight. This way we can preserve them. 🙂

Day 235 – Freshmen Move in Day at CUC

Today was freshmen move in day at Concordia University Chicago (CUC). We packed and shuttled our youngest, Justin to Chicago for his freshman year at the University. Vicki and I are now empty nesters with our two kids attending college. Many questions spring up kn my mind… How and when did we get so old? How will we manage without kids in the house? Will the house stay cleaner longer? Will Justin remember to call Vicki every night?
Helping Justin move in and seeing his dorm room, meeting his roommate, and being welcomed by his Resident Assistant was a comfort for us as parents. We waved goodbye to our youngest and drove off, confident that Justin will do well, and also a little sad, knowing we will miss seeing and visiting him daily. Its all part of growing up; Vicki and me growing as parents, and Justin continuing to grow and learn as a young man. Wow, where did those years go?

Day 227 – Ground Fog

This morning as I made my way out of the house, I was taken by the ground fog, especially looking back at the willow trees. The fog provided a nice soft filter effect on the willow trees with a beautiful blue sky filled with white puffy clouds. Foggy and clear at the same time, a natural contrast.

Day 226 – Recycled

This is a Day Lilly i shot a couple months ago and had it printed very large with the intent of somehow framing it with this old window we picked up at a garage sale. The print is too large and I’m not sure that I want to trim it enough to make it fit as I may lose some of the important elements of the photo.