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Day 220 – Water is Life

Today I was thinking about the post from a fellow WordPress blogger. John posted about the “joys” of having a well and his need to filter the water. I experienced similar problems in a house that we lived in. We burned through $25 in filters each month, and another $20 in salt for our water softener, and still the water smelled like rotten eggs. Another house that we lived in had worse problems, we had to have water trucked in (at $35 a load)and stored it in a shallow well that wasn’t sealed. We couldn’t drink the water, could only use it for showers and washing clothes, etc. During the summer we would often go through 2 truckloads per month. We now have city water and it tastes very good. As I poured myself a glass of water this evening, I remembered John’s post, and then thought back to my past experiences with water; I really do appreciate the water we have. My heart goes out to all who experience difficulties with water. Water is life, without it, there is no life.