Day 253 – 1971 Chevelle


One of my favorite classic car models is the Chevrolet Chevelle. I liked these cars back in the 70’s. This is a 1971 Chevelle and as you can see by the sticker, it cost less than $4,100 brand new. I can’t remember how much gas was back then, I think it was less than $0.40 per gallon. Boy, those were the days!

Day 252 – Frankenmuth Auto Fest

We decided to head down to the Frankenmuth Auto Fest this evening. The plan was to drive into town, park the Jeep and get an ice cream cone. We found a bench on the side of the road and sat down to watch the parade of classic cars drive by. This night the cars just cruise back and forth down Main Street, and it brought back memories for me of nights long ago, cruising up and down Woodward Avenue. It’s funny to me, some of the cars I thought weren’t so cool back then, look awesome now. Some of the owners choose to restore their car to original condition, just as it came off the line; others customize their car and turn it into a souped up hot rod with custom paint, lots of chrome, and an awesome engine. I am not an expert on engines, and all the different parts, but I do enjoy looking at the cars. The car pictured above really drew me in, the beautiful red paint shining, the chrome accents, and the custom engine cut out, were what pulled me closer for a more detailed look. I am not sure what kind of car this is, the seats said Willys. Definitely a cool ride.

Day 251 – Coffee Lovers

I had originally planned on posting a vintage car photo from Auto Fest tonight. This is the night when Main Street, in Frankenmuth, is closed down and classic cars line both sides of the street. It’s like a big block party, only it’s the whole downtown area in Frankenmuth. It makes for a great evening out. The only problem, rain. We decided we did not want to venture out in the rain, so we stayed in tonight. Now I had to plan a new photo. As I looked around the house in search of something I had not already shot, I saw the bag of Seattles Best coffee. Vicki and I love coffee, and we really love Starbucks coffee. We have one of those coffee makers that you fill with whole bean coffee so each pot of coffee is made with fresh, ground coffee. We rarely venture away from our beloved Starbucks. Well, recently Vicki had a coupon for Seattles Best coffee. Once you become a coupon shopper, you know you must buy the brand you have a coupon for. So, she brought Seattle’s Best home and we tried it. You know what? We really enjoyed the coffee. It was full bodied and tasted just about as good as Starbucks. The only problem is that the bolder flavor isn’t available in whole bean, only ground. But we did save $2 vs. the Starbucks. Now days you take your savings whenever you can.

Day 250 – Portrait of Vera our Shorkie

Vera is our Shorkie (half Shih Tzu and half Yorkshire Terrier). Now, when friends first meet Vera, their first thought is, that she is an ugly dog. After they get to know Vera and witness her personality, they say, she is adorable and they don’t feel that she is an ugly dog. It’s hard to get a good picture of Vera, because she is do dark, the details are lost, unless you have the proper lighting. I used my studio Elinchrom BX250RI strobes for this shot. The lights really show the detail that are normally lost in our snap shot pictures we take. Now if I could just get her to smile and relax more.

Day 249 – Petunia Zoom Blur

Another zoom blur shot, this time of the petunias by the side of our house. I like the kaleidoscope look the effect gives, and you can still see the grass and the gate in the background. This is a hand held shot with a 1 second exposure at f22. I shot in raw then processed in Lightroom and underexposed it, then bumped up the clarity, vibrance, and contrast to bring back some of the detail lost by having the long exposure. I’m going to try using a tripod next time.

Day 248 – Zoom Blur Effect

I read an article on “How to Take Photos with the Zoom Blur Effect“.  The photo above is my attempt at using this effect.  It’s relatively simple, you use a zoom lens and a long shutter speed, I used 1 second.  Then you press the shutter and zoom either in or out while the shutter is open, working hard to hold the camera steady as you zoom.  I am anxious to try this technique on some other subjects.  This one is just a shot of our breakfast nook area.  There are some nice examples in Darren Rowses’ article.  This is just one more technique to help us be more creative while we are out taking photos.