Turkey Family


While getting ready for work this morning, we noticed this family of turkeys cruising through the yard.  I grabbed the Nikon and quietly slipped out the back door, and captured these beautiful birds.  What a wonderful start to the day! #photoaday

Petunia after the rain

As evening drew near, the rain stopped and as I looked at the petunias, I saw how the large blossoms held the drops of rain. So, I took some close up shots with the iPhone. I like how the monochrome finish emphasizes the water droplets. #photoaday

Truly Grand Canyon

Another bucket list item, The Grand Canyon, was crossed off. Vicki and I made the 10.5 hour drive from the beautiful, Sequoia National Park, to The amazing, Grand Canyon National Park. It was well worth the drive. Another stone words, beyond pictures, have to se20140503-142658.jpge it to believe it wonder. We spent three days viewing the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. We were awestruck. You must see it to feel the magnitude.




Impressions of Sequoia

20140503-095206.jpgMy wife and I have always wanted to see the giant Sequoia trees in California. We flew from Michigan, into Las Vegas, and rented a car so we could drive to Sequoia National Park. We stayed at the Wuksachi Lodge, a beautiful hotel and restaurant high on the mountain, nestled among the Sequoias. These mammoth trees are unbelievable. They are so wide, they’re almost cartoonish, like they don’t belong among the other trees. We viewed them in awestruck wonder. The pictures do not do these giants justice.


20140503-100247.jpgThis is a great national park. Our only regret was that we were unable to hike the trails, as 2 feet of new snow fell the night before arrival. Spring comes late in the Sierras, very beautiful mountain scenery along with breath taking views of the Sequoia trees.


Happy Easter

Christ is Risen; He has Risen indeed! We celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who conquered sin, death, and the devil when he rose from death on that first Easter.

It seemed fitting to me that on this beautiful Easter Day, we have signs of a new season. It has been a long winter here in Michigan, but today we had temperatures in the mid 70s, and our trees are finally budding.


Camping at Rifle River State Park

While camping at Rifle River State Park, we came across this cable bridge. A very cool looking bridge but you need to hang on while crossing because it does swing and bounce.

On our way back to camp I saw my very First Lady Slipper growing on the edge of the forest close to the road. I was fortunate to get a shot of this one as it was mowed down the next day.


Day 227 – Ground Fog

This morning as I made my way out of the house, I was taken by the ground fog, especially looking back at the willow trees. The fog provided a nice soft filter effect on the willow trees with a beautiful blue sky filled with white puffy clouds. Foggy and clear at the same time, a natural contrast.

Day 190 – Hosta in Bloom

I really like our Hosta plants. I like the leaves with their straight lines running, end to end, and I really like when the hostas are in bloom. The dainty little blossoms hang down, and humming birds visit to drink the nectar. My hope is to one day capture an image of a humming bird dining at the hosta blossom.

Backyard Weeds Black and White

These weeds are in the field behind my back yard. I wanted to use a shallow depth of field to draw attention to the taller wheaty looking weed, the soft focus on the other weeds provides a nice background. Vicki doesn’t like this photo, because there is too much soft focus, most of the photo is out of focus in her words. What do you think?

Day 179 – Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a photo for this week’s challenge, the WordPress Postaday Weekly Challenge. This week’s challenge theme is “Create”. All it took was a quick walk into the back yard. I spotted the this nest the hornets created in my clothes line pole. It appears to be a vacant nest. A spider has built a nest in hope of a return visit from one of the hornets.