Day 149 – Morning Coffee

It was such a beautiful morning, I decided to take my coffee out on the deck to enjoy the cool, sunny, morning. As I settled into my chair, I noticed the Barn Swallow perched on the shepherd’s hook by the side of our deck. I quietly went into the house to grab my Nikon, and just as quietly and slowly, returned to capture a photo of the Barn Swallow, no more than 15 feet away. Well 2 shots and he was gone. They move so quickly, it’s tough to get a photo of them in flight. So, camera still in hand, I decided to get a couple more pictures of something less elusive, the Columbine flowers. Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday today. Thanks to all of our men and women, who have served to keep America free.

Day 95 Red Winged Blackbird

I saw this Red Winged Blackbird perched on the top of the Spruce tree. I approached slowly, hoping to get close enough to get a good shot. I released the shutter just as the bird started calling, and caught him with his beak open. You can see the way his body flexes as he puts his all into the call. I shot this with my 18 – 200mm lens and then cropped it close.