Monochrome Project 365 Photography

Day 200 – Sepia Antique Building

In between shooting events at Bike Week, I wandered through the Ogemaw Fairgrounds in search of, a photo opportunity other than a motorcycle theme. Well, I do love old wooden buildings, and I do know where to find some on the fairgrounds. There is a nice little village that has been reconstructed with lots of old buildings. I really like the hinges on this old barn door. I debated whether or not to upload in color, the combination of rust and wood made for great textures, I decided on sepia tone. I like the tone and the antique mood it brings to the photo. We finally had a break in the heat today, it was much more tolerable being outside. Yesterday was unbearable, but somehow we made it through. Then it was back to the arena for Flat Track Racing, and more dust and dirt.

Project 365 Photography

Day 52 Apple Puzzle

My Fifty second consecutive photo posted on my Project 365 Blog!  I was PUZZLED (I know, that’s pretty weak), as to what photo to take today.  Vicki and I love Honey Crisp apples and I just bought some yesterday.  They are so sweet and tasty, you don’t mind eating an apple a day, or maybe two or three.  So I decided my subject today would be the Honey Crisp apples.  They are so shiny and red with some yellow, green accents.  As I uploaded the pictures, I started playing around with some of the settings in Photoshop.  The apples looked great without adjustments, but I found a layer style called Puzzle, that I have never used.  I tried it and I think it looks great!  This would be a very difficult, but fun puzzle to put together.