Day 252 – Frankenmuth Auto Fest

We decided to head down to the Frankenmuth Auto Fest this evening. The plan was to drive into town, park the Jeep and get an ice cream cone. We found a bench on the side of the road and sat down to watch the parade of classic cars drive by. This night the cars just cruise back and forth down Main Street, and it brought back memories for me of nights long ago, cruising up and down Woodward Avenue. It’s funny to me, some of the cars I thought weren’t so cool back then, look awesome now. Some of the owners choose to restore their car to original condition, just as it came off the line; others customize their car and turn it into a souped up hot rod with custom paint, lots of chrome, and an awesome engine. I am not an expert on engines, and all the different parts, but I do enjoy looking at the cars. The car pictured above really drew me in, the beautiful red paint shining, the chrome accents, and the custom engine cut out, were what pulled me closer for a more detailed look. I am not sure what kind of car this is, the seats said Willys. Definitely a cool ride.


Day 140 – Chevy Monochrome

This is an old (1932?) Chevy. I like the way it looks as a monochrome photo. It takes me back to a time when things were simpler. I can picture this old Chevy in an old Edward G. Robinson gangster movie. This old Chevy is parked in front of the Leather Shop in Frankenmuth. I’ve always enjoyed cars. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Both of my grandfathers, worked in auto factories; Grandpa Lewis worked for Chrysler, while Grandpa Kiser worked for Buick. If my memory serves me right, Grandma Kiser worked in a Chevrolet factory before she went back to school to finish her teaching degree. Uncle Bill and my Mom both worked for Ford. You get the picture; growing up in the Detroit area with many of my relatives working for the auto companies, I learned to appreciate cars, especially the American made variety. I like old cars and new cars and really enjoy the Frankenmuth Auto-fest, which is held in early September each year. That’s when you can walk the streets downtown and see all the classics, both custom and original. It’s a car lover’s dream come true.

Day 63 Capital City

We spent the day running around our nation’s capital city today. We visited a yarn shop, and Vicki oohed and ahhhed and then asked us to leave so she could be on her own in the store; she just loves fiber. Our next stop was the Holocaust Museum where we had our hearts broken. It is very disturbing to understand that man is capable of causing such tremendous pain to his own kind. We went out to dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy for a fabulous Italian meal. We are all zonked today from so much walking and navigating through the traffic. I went out tonight and took a night shot of the Washington Monument as viewed from the Jefferson Memorial.