Project 365 Photography

Day 133 – Prom

Tonight was another of those momentous occasions that make you feel a little old, as a parent anyway. Prom night and Justin, our youngest, is at his Senior Prom with his girlfriend Katie. It wasn’t too long ago that our little boy would ask if he could sit on my lap while I “moved” the lawn. Seems like yesterday he was lining up all of his Hotwheels cars in nice straight rows, and now he is driving his date to the prom. Where does the time go… don’t blink your eyes or you may miss a couple of years. Here are Justin and Katie, dressed for the evenings’ festivities. They both look so nice and Justin did a fine job of matching his tie and vest to Katie’s pretty blue dress.
While we were visiting and taking pictures at katies’ house, Vicki noticed the beautiful wine colored Columbine flowers. I just had to get a picture. I love the color of these blossoms.DSC_2889.jpg