Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

While camping this weekend we took a side trip up to Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, just North of Harrisville, MI. I took this shot from the shore and tweaked it with Snapseed and Dynamic Light.

Corn and Clouds

I was driving home from my last call in Fairview and was taking in the rural beauty. The sky was a deep blue and filled with beautiful puffy, cotton-like clouds, all hovering over a field of corn; a typical rural skyline in Michigan’s “Thumb”. I couldn’t resist, I stopped the truck, rolled down the window, and captured the scene with my iPhone 4S.

Day 255 – What’s for Dinner?

I know many of you fellow men are like me… at least I think you may be. You get hungry and amble out to the kitchen, open the refrigerator door and just stare for a while, trying to figure out what to have for dinner. If you are like me, you don’t see anything that looks good, even though the refrigerator is full of choices, so you close the door and walk away. After awhile, hunger gets the best of you, and you head back out to search the refrigerator once again, as if maybe, somehow, some new food made it’s way into the refrigerator… and you stand there with the door open, like I do, gazing and hoping for something to jump out at you. Usually my wife will snap me out of my trance and make a suggestion, and then it’s like, “yea, why didn’t I think of that?” I think the problem arises when there are too many choices. Back when I was a single guy, I never had that problem. I would open the refrigerator and grab a beer and some leftover pizza. There weren’t a lot of choices to make, just pizza, beer, or out dated milk. Now that I’m supposed to eat healthier, I have more choices, and it takes longer to prepare the food, and… I just wish I could have pizza and a beer again. Life has become so complicated. 🙂
I shot this picture of my fully stocked refrigerator using my iPhone 4S and then processed it in Dynamic light on the Urban Art setting.

Day 220 – Water is Life

Today I was thinking about the post from a fellow WordPress blogger. John posted about the “joys” of having a well and his need to filter the water. I experienced similar problems in a house that we lived in. We burned through $25 in filters each month, and another $20 in salt for our water softener, and still the water smelled like rotten eggs. Another house that we lived in had worse problems, we had to have water trucked in (at $35 a load)and stored it in a shallow well that wasn’t sealed. We couldn’t drink the water, could only use it for showers and washing clothes, etc. During the summer we would often go through 2 truckloads per month. We now have city water and it tastes very good. As I poured myself a glass of water this evening, I remembered John’s post, and then thought back to my past experiences with water; I really do appreciate the water we have. My heart goes out to all who experience difficulties with water. Water is life, without it, there is no life.

Day 213 – Winds of Change

20120801-211427.jpgOne thing is certain, there will always be change.
I was recently downsized after 24 years, I am right back to the same level I started at. I no longer travel on airplanes or hustle through airports. I took a severe pay cut, wow, cut so deep… and yet, I am grateful that I am employed. There are so many skilled, highly capable people who are unable to find work, I really do feel fortunate. It will take time for me to adjust. It has been a very humbling experience for me. One of the benefits of the new position is my territory. I am once again calling on customers in the Thumb area of Michigan, in towns like Pigeon, Elkton, Caseville, Cass City, and Bad Axe to name a few. These towns are located in farming country. I love to see the working farms, these were once the back bone of our country and there is a special place in my heart for them. The wind farm pictured above is a recent development, within the last 15 years I believe. They are impressive and can be seen from miles away in this flat farm country. They were barely moving on this calm summer day. I pulled over to the side of the road and used my iPhone 4S, then processed using Dynamic Light.