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Day 144 – Road Trip


Another trip, this time I’m driving in my F150. Frankenmuth to Pittsburgh. You can’t get there without passing through Ohio, Buckeye territory. The trip is an easy one; head South on US23, catch the Ohio Turnpike East toward Pennsylvania, and set the cruise control. Ohio is flat, open, and un-eventful. The trip took about five and a half hours with two pit stops along the way.

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Day 98 Mulch Day

Today was just about the best day you could ask for, as far as spring days go. The weather was terrific, high 60s and sunny. It was warm enough to work in shirt sleeves, yet not so warm to tire you out. Vicki convinced me it was a good day to spread mulch. I drove my F150 to the green house and filled it up with 2 yards of mulch. That was the easy part; the hard part was spreading the mulch, and I did work up a sweat doing that. I did take frequent breaks to watch the Tigers on tv, as they took on the Boston Red Sox. The Tigers won and it wasn’t even close, with Tiger players hitting 5 home runs. We can use a few more days like this one.

Tomorrow we celebrate Easter. Enjoy your Easter Sunday, God’s blessings to all.