Old vs New a Tale of Two Farms

Driving through farm country today I was enjoying the beautiful sunshine and blue sky. I came upon this old farm house amongst a plethora of wind turbines. Technology has come a long way since the day this house was built. What was once perhaps a dairy farm with livestock such as cows, horses, chicken, pigs, sheep, and goats; is now a wind farm with no live stock and from all appearances, no human inhabitants. If only houses and walls could speak, what tales they would tell.

Day 70 Old Windmill

I posted a shot of this windmill a few weeks back, after we had a snow.  I love this old windmill, it reminds me of an earlier time, when I was a young boy, and trips to my uncle’s farm.  I like the vines growing on the legs of the windmill.  The old tree stump in the foreground and the rickety fence also add to the old time feeling.