Day 190 – Hosta in Bloom

I really like our Hosta plants. I like the leaves with their straight lines running, end to end, and I really like when the hostas are in bloom. The dainty little blossoms hang down, and humming birds visit to drink the nectar. My hope is to one day capture an image of a humming bird dining at the hosta blossom.

Day 187 – Barn Wood Flowers

This photo is really two photos that I layered together in Photoshop CS5. The first layer is a picture of barnwood then for the next layer, I added a picture of Hollyhock flowers and set as an overlay. The resulting image shows the texture of the barn wood.

Day 186 – Bridgeport Historical Society

I am attracted to old barns and out buildings. I really like the weathered wood and the old hardware on the doors. The photo to the left is the door and hinges on an old corn crib (that’s what we used to call the one on my uncle’s farm). I like the look of the hinges and the weathered, painted wood. I took this photo and the reset of the photos in this post at the Historical Society of Bridgeport grounds. This is a nice area where the group has put together a nice historic park, including restored buildings from earlier days. There is a paved pathway that you can follow and some really nice flower gardens.  I’m not sure what kind of plant this is, but I like the way it is climbing up the beam to the portico.  I used my 50 mm lens today.  I like the bokeh effect on the back ground, which really draws your attention to the flowers as the main focal point.

The picture below was taken in front of the barn.  I like the look of the yellow flowers with the barn wood and wagon wheel in the back ground.

Click on any of the pictures to view them larger.

Day 133 – Prom

Tonight was another of those momentous occasions that make you feel a little old, as a parent anyway. Prom night and Justin, our youngest, is at his Senior Prom with his girlfriend Katie. It wasn’t too long ago that our little boy would ask if he could sit on my lap while I “moved” the lawn. Seems like yesterday he was lining up all of his Hotwheels cars in nice straight rows, and now he is driving his date to the prom. Where does the time go… don’t blink your eyes or you may miss a couple of years. Here are Justin and Katie, dressed for the evenings’ festivities. They both look so nice and Justin did a fine job of matching his tie and vest to Katie’s pretty blue dress.
While we were visiting and taking pictures at katies’ house, Vicki noticed the beautiful wine colored Columbine flowers. I just had to get a picture. I love the color of these blossoms.DSC_2889.jpg