Project 365 Photography

Day 252 – Frankenmuth Auto Fest

We decided to head down to the Frankenmuth Auto Fest this evening. The plan was to drive into town, park the Jeep and get an ice cream cone. We found a bench on the side of the road and sat down to watch the parade of classic cars drive by. This night the cars just cruise back and forth down Main Street, and it brought back memories for me of nights long ago, cruising up and down Woodward Avenue. It’s funny to me, some of the cars I thought weren’t so cool back then, look awesome now. Some of the owners choose to restore their car to original condition, just as it came off the line; others customize their car and turn it into a souped up hot rod with custom paint, lots of chrome, and an awesome engine. I am not an expert on engines, and all the different parts, but I do enjoy looking at the cars. The car pictured above really drew me in, the beautiful red paint shining, the chrome accents, and the custom engine cut out, were what pulled me closer for a more detailed look. I am not sure what kind of car this is, the seats said Willys. Definitely a cool ride.