Day 170 – 3 Stages Up Close

The Bud

The New Blossom

Full Bloom

Day 146 – Snow on the Mountain

I’m not sure why this plant is called, “Snow on the Mountain”, but it is in full bloom. I like the small blossoms, they resemble Babies Breath. The contrast looks nice in monochrome, and you can see a tiny little spider web.

Day 113 – Spring Time

Spring is here, the grass is green, tulips are in full bloom, and the trees have buds on them. This is another shot of the tree from Day 47, when I blogged about the gray days of winter. My daughter Amanda came up with the idea to shoot this same tree each season, so she could have the series on her wall. The difference between today’s conditions and those of Day 47 were huge. First, instead of a “gray” day, we had a beautiful sun filled day today. The temperature was about 20 degrees warmer, and this shot has the golden glow of the “golden hour”. I shot this photo just before the sun dropped below the horizon. There are still no leaves on the tree, but if you look closely, you will be able to see some buds on the ends of the branches. I am looking forward to the summer shot, when the tree will be full of leaves.