Day 267 – Work Bench

Work Bench, shot with iPhone 4S and processed in Dynamic Light and Snapseed for the “grunge” effect, which I think fits nicely with this scene.

Day 256 – Trumpet Grunge

I like the way the Grunge effect in Snapseed, interacts with the brass of the trumpet and the wood.grain of the floor. Shot with iPhone 4s, processed in Dynamic Light and Snapseed. There are so many great aps to enhance the awesome photos taken with the iPhone.

Day 193 – Black and White Grunge Portrait

Bummer, I missed a post yesterday! It totally slipped my mind. We attended a meeting and on the way home I made a mental note to get the camera out. When we arrived at the house, I turned on the MLB All-Star Game, then sat down to watch. After watching a while, I grew tired, then retired to my comfortable bed and was out like a light. I awoke from a deep sleep, panicking, “oh no, I didn’t post a photo!” Oh well… For today’s photo, I wanted to compare an effect from On One’s Perfect Frame 4.6. I shot the photo, processed in Lightroom 4 as a black and white photo and then exported to Photoshop CS5. The first picture I added a black outline by extending the canvas. For the second photo, I added an effect called, “Aged Wood” from Perfect Frame 4.6. The dark frame adds a grungy, dramatic, and mysterious feel, by adding to the shadows, it leaves more to the imagination.   I feel bad that I missed yesterday’s post, I will try to keep on track the rest of the way!