Day 265 – Half Moon Autumnal Equinox

Yesterday was the Last Day of Summer, so today we celebrate the First Day of Autumn, also known as, Autumnal Equinox. The new season brings with it the colorful leaves, football, baseball playoffs and the world series.

Day 104 – Half Moon

Have you ever had one of those nights where you just can’t sleep anymore? That was me last night. I either went to sleep too early or maybe it was the 2 cups of coffee before I went to sleep that did it. I hit the sack at about 9:30, which is early for me, I’m usually an 11:00 bed time person. I woke up at 2:00am and tossed and turned for about 2 hours. Finally I decided to stop trying to sleep anymore. I looked outside and saw this beautiful, half moon shining and decided to shoot a few photos. I read a great “How to” on the DPS website (Digital Photography School) yesterday. Arlon had a post on his technique for shooting the moon. So, I followed the instructions and what you see here is the result. Thanks for posting that great “How to” Arlon. Now if I can just get a few winks in before it’s time to wake up… 🙂

Day 74 Half Moon Morning

When I let the dogs out this morning the first thing that struck me was how nice it was outside, the sun was shining and it was that “golden hour”, when the morning sun turns everything it touches to a beautiful, warm, rich, golden glow. As I took in the beauty of the morning I saw it, a bright, half moon shining in the cloudless blue sky. I ran and got the Nikon and shot this photo. There are a couple of birds in the trees off in the distance. The furthest tree has a hawk, whle the closer tree has a robin. You can’t see the details enough, I wanted the whole scene with the half moon, blue sky, trees basking in the golden glow of the sun, and even the field is aglow. What a nice way to start the day!