Winter Morning Sun

It was a crisp clear sunny morning. The sun providing a back light to the beautiful ice clad branches of the trees against a clear blue sky. It’s Christmas Eve morning. Looks like we will indeed have a white Christmas.

Air on Credit

Just noticed this for the first time today. Oh, gas stations have been charging customers for air, for a long time, but we see the results of inflation, when it comes to inflating your tires. The cost is $1.00 and now you can use a charge card! I wonder how many tires you can inflate for $1.00… To think, we used to ride our bikes to the gas station and fill our tires for free and then buy a candy bar for a nickel!

Corn and Clouds

I was driving home from my last call in Fairview and was taking in the rural beauty. The sky was a deep blue and filled with beautiful puffy, cotton-like clouds, all hovering over a field of corn; a typical rural skyline in Michigan’s “Thumb”. I couldn’t resist, I stopped the truck, rolled down the window, and captured the scene with my iPhone 4S.

Spaghetti Day

I remember when I was a youngster there was a commercial advertising Prince Spaghetti. The commercial dubbed Wednesday as “Prince Spaghetti Day”. I wonder how many of you remember that commercial. Yesterday, Wednesday, I scoured the cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer in search of something for dinner. I finally settled on spaghetti with a ground turkey and mushroom sauce. I liked the way the pasta and sauce looked so I shot it with my iPhone 4S. I didn’t realize until today that it was Spaghetti day yesterday. For those of you who are too young to remember Anthony in the Prince Spaghetti commercial, here is the original commercial from Youtube. ¬†Enjoy!

Prince Spaghetti Commercial

He is Risen

photo (2)
This is a post I meant to make last week. I shot this with my iPhone 4S last week, Easter Sunday, right after our Easter Son Rise Worship service. Easter is a joyful celebration. We celebrate Our Lord and Savior, Jesus conquering death. I just love the smell of the flowers when we enter the Sanctuary on Easter morning. I really like the arrangement of the flowers around the foot of the cross, and the sunlight pouring in through the sky lights had a nice effect. This shot is straight out of the camera with no processing.

Senior Recital

My daughter, Amanda performed her Senior Recital last Sunday. It must have been more than coincidence that her performance was on Palm Sunday, the day we celebrate and remember Jesus’ Triumphant arrival in Jerusalem. This performance of Amanda’s was her Triumphal Swan song for her college career at Saginaw Valley State University. I know I am a biased dad, but Liszt, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff never sounded so beautiful. Amanda looked beautiful and poured her soul into each piece she played, it was amazing. Truly one of my proudest moments as a dad. Well done Amanda! Now on to the next chapter…
This picture was taken while she was warming up.

Old vs New a Tale of Two Farms

Driving through farm country today I was enjoying the beautiful sunshine and blue sky. I came upon this old farm house amongst a plethora of wind turbines. Technology has come a long way since the day this house was built. What was once perhaps a dairy farm with livestock such as cows, horses, chicken, pigs, sheep, and goats; is now a wind farm with no live stock and from all appearances, no human inhabitants. If only houses and walls could speak, what tales they would tell.


What a beautiful ,sunshiny, day we had today. With temperatures near 40 degrees, Spring was in the air… or at least the hope of Spring. I saw this barren tree on the frozen, snow covered shore of Lake Huron. The blue sky provides a beautiful backdrop for the lacy branches of the tree. It is still winter, but Spring is just around the corner.