Lewie and Gloria

Lewie and Gloria are Yorkie puppies 4 weeks old. They love to cuddle, eat, sleep, play, and sleep some more. Ahhh, the life of a puppy.


Okay, it has been over a month since my last post… where has the time gone? I have missed posting photos, but I’m not sure if I can keep up the pace of another 365 post a photo a day, especially using my Nikon. So, since I always have my iPhone 4S with me, and it takes really great pics, this year will be devoted strictly to phone photography. I do have the WordPress app on my iPhone. So, Happy Valentines Day to everyone, and watch for the iPhone pics in this blog.

Day 226 – Recycled

This is a Day Lilly i shot a couple months ago and had it printed very large with the intent of somehow framing it with this old window we picked up at a garage sale. The print is too large and I’m not sure that I want to trim it enough to make it fit as I may lose some of the important elements of the photo.

Day 220 – Water is Life

Today I was thinking about the post from a fellow WordPress blogger. John posted about the “joys” of having a well and his need to filter the water. I experienced similar problems in a house that we lived in. We burned through $25 in filters each month, and another $20 in salt for our water softener, and still the water smelled like rotten eggs. Another house that we lived in had worse problems, we had to have water trucked in (at $35 a load)and stored it in a shallow well that wasn’t sealed. We couldn’t drink the water, could only use it for showers and washing clothes, etc. During the summer we would often go through 2 truckloads per month. We now have city water and it tastes very good. As I poured myself a glass of water this evening, I remembered John’s post, and then thought back to my past experiences with water; I really do appreciate the water we have. My heart goes out to all who experience difficulties with water. Water is life, without it, there is no life.

Day 144 – Road Trip


Another trip, this time I’m driving in my F150. Frankenmuth to Pittsburgh. You can’t get there without passing through Ohio, Buckeye territory. The trip is an easy one; head South on US23, catch the Ohio Turnpike East toward Pennsylvania, and set the cruise control. Ohio is flat, open, and un-eventful. The trip took about five and a half hours with two pit stops along the way.

Day 138 – Going Home

Here is another iphone shot. I placed the phone right against the window, hoping to reduce the reflection. You can still see a couple of the light fixtures reflecting in the deep blue sky. The sun is setting in Phoenix, the close of another 100 degree day. As I make my way through Sky Harbor Airport, I am amazed at the lack of fellow travelers. It’s only 8pm and I am joined by only one other traveler as we advance through security. The terminal is near empty and the shops are all closed. Wait, can I get a Frappucino before you close Ms. Starbuck? I am looking forward to my three hour and forty four minute flight home. Just in time for the weekend.