Day 184 – Candle Light Bulb

This is a close up of one of the candle light bulbs in our kitchen chandelier. I didn’t have a lot of time today for photos, so I was scrambling around the house looking for my shot. The light was coming in through our kitchen window providing a filtered back light, the grass provided a nice gradient background. I like the effect the back lighting has on the glass lamp shade and the bulb, creating silhouette with the fine filament.

I have passed the halfway mark, actually passed it a couple of days ago without taking notice. I have learned a lot with this photo a day challenge. One of my goals was to take more pictures, because that is really the way to improve, practice, practice, practice. Something else has happened along the way that I had not anticipated. I really did not expect to have followers, and that is a pleasant surprise for me. This blog has become a conversation piece when I see my friends. I really appreciate the encouragement and feedback I have received, and the “Likes” really are appreciated. I feel like I am part of a growing community of fellow WordPress bloggers, a community that I never knew existed. Thank you everyone for taking the time to view this blog, leave a comment, and thanks for pressing the “Like” button. 🙂

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Day 157 – Going Green With Curly Bulbs

Well, I’m not sure these curly CFC bulbs are a good idea. I want to do the right thing and help save the planet; especially if I can do it by investing in these curly light bulbs that take forever to warm up. If I’m going to go out on my back deck, I need to plan ahead of time and turn the light on 10 minutes before I go out, so it can build to it’s full brightness. I flip the switch and then say to myself, “wait for it, wait for it…” Maybe these light bulbs will teach me to be more patient. I can remember going to Detroit Edison, as a young boy, with my mom and a bag of burned out light bulbs. We would carefully save the old bulbs and then we would trade the old bulbs for new bulbs, and the price… FREE! Now, that was a great conservation program. No light bulbs going to the landfills, because we could trade old for new. Wow, recycling back in the sixties, who knew? Ohh, the good old days!