Day 263 – Simple Lines and Texture

The simple lines of the lights against the texture of the brick create a simple elegance. I processed this photo in Photoshop CS5 using HDR Toning to accent the detail.

Day 184 – Candle Light Bulb

This is a close up of one of the candle light bulbs in our kitchen chandelier. I didn’t have a lot of time today for photos, so I was scrambling around the house looking for my shot. The light was coming in through our kitchen window providing a filtered back light, the grass provided a nice gradient background. I like the effect the back lighting has on the glass lamp shade and the bulb, creating silhouette with the fine filament.

I have passed the halfway mark, actually passed it a couple of days ago without taking notice. I have learned a lot with this photo a day challenge. One of my goals was to take more pictures, because that is really the way to improve, practice, practice, practice. Something else has happened along the way that I had not anticipated. I really did not expect to have followers, and that is a pleasant surprise for me. This blog has become a conversation piece when I see my friends. I really appreciate the encouragement and feedback I have received, and the “Likes” really are appreciated. I feel like I am part of a growing community of fellow WordPress bloggers, a community that I never knew existed. Thank you everyone for taking the time to view this blog, leave a comment, and thanks for pressing the “Like” button. 🙂

Day 31 By Candle Light

I am still searching my surroundings for photo opportunities. There are so many that I have overlooked in the past, now as I search for a photo for each day, I am taking notice of some of the little details I may have overlooked. This is a votive candle holder we have had for a long time. I have always enjoyed it. I love the way the candle lights dance behind the cracked glass and the reflections that result from this dance. There is life in the light, and warmth, a very relaxing light. I wonder how the glass was produced with the cracks and how it remains in tact, without falling into pieces on our dining room table. I used my Nikon D300s with a 50 mm lens for this shot, hand held at f 2.0 for 1/50th of a second. I love the low light results this camera can deliver.