Senior Recital

My daughter, Amanda performed her Senior Recital last Sunday. It must have been more than coincidence that her performance was on Palm Sunday, the day we celebrate and remember Jesus’ Triumphant arrival in Jerusalem. This performance of Amanda’s was her Triumphal Swan song for her college career at Saginaw Valley State University. I know I am a biased dad, but Liszt, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff never sounded so beautiful. Amanda looked beautiful and poured her soul into each piece she played, it was amazing. Truly one of my proudest moments as a dad. Well done Amanda! Now on to the next chapter…
This picture was taken while she was warming up.

Day 261 – Keys to Music

I see nice contrast between the black and white keys with distinct lines and angles formed by the spaces between the keys; to me, it’s an opportunity for a nice black and white photo. To a musician, these keys are the tools to open the door to an infinite number of melodies that make wonderful music. I love to listen to music, but I am not able to make the keys produce a sound that is pleasing to the ear. I am limited in my use of the keys; a photo in black and white.

Day 50 Piano Teacher

My Daughter, Amanda is a pianist.  I just love to hear her play this piano; in fact I could listen to her play for hours on end.  Amanda plays all types of music and no matter if it’s Classical, Christian, Pop, or Rock, she knows how to make her music reach the depths of your heart.  When she plays, she becomes the piano and the music.  She has begun teaching others her art, on this same instrument she learned on.  I took this photo just before her lesson tonight.  This is a monochrome with a sepia tone effect.  I like the mood it creates, somewhat dreamy, with a little bit of a retro look.  The ice cream chair adds to that retro look and of course the piano is timeless.

Day 30 Strings

The piano.  I’ve photographed the keys; love that contrast the black and white keys provide.  Life for us all would be much easier if it were like the keys on a piano, black or white.  Right or wrong, no gray areas.  I also had some shots of the brass foot pedals contrasted against our wood floor, with the grain of the wood reflected on the shiny black lacquer of the piano, the pedals looked as if they were floating.  Today, I “popped the hood” and looked inside.  Now you can understand why the piano is a stringed instrument.  I love the different textures the strings and the pegs provide.  I placed my flash right inside, off camera.  I like the effect the side lighting provides.  The strings look great, but they sound much better, especially when they are being played by an accomplished musician; no, not me, I’ll stay behind the camera and leave the keys to one who knows how tickle them and make beautiful music.

Day 15 Musical Instruments

Music is said to, “soothe the savage beast”.  I find it difficult to remember things from long ago.  But when I hear a song from long ago, I can remember every note and word like it was yesterday.  Songs are tied to events in our lives.  We hear a song and instantly memories rise to the surface.  We remember where we were, who was there with us, and everything that was said and done.  The memories can be of happy times, sad times, and thoughtful times.  We read about David soothing King Saul in the Bible, maybe that’s where the “savage beast” saying came from, Saul certainly acted as a savage beast on occasion, especially toward David.  A day without music, I can’t imagine it.

Day 4 Piano Pedals

The piano is such a beautiful instrument, the sound it emits, the rich tones are limitless to the gifted musician. I love the contrast of the black and white keys. The keys are the most obvious but what caught my eye today were the foot pedals with the wood grain background of our floor. The reflection on the piano made it look as if the pedals were floating between the floor and a wood grain wall.