Day 214 – Red Sky at Night

The saying goes, “Red sky at night, sailors’ delight”. We had a beautiful sunset tonight, with the clouds reflecting the last rays of the sun as it set down low in the sky. I took a few shots of the clouds by themselves and then noticed the trees silhouetted against the red sky. I think the sharp focus on the silhouetted leaves adds more depth and dimension to the scene.

Day 145 – Cruise Control


Nighttime driving, there’s not much to see except for those dashboard lights, and taillights in front of us. I enjoy driving at night, it’s so peaceful and on a long drive, leaves me with plenty of time to ponder. Normally at night also to cruise control at 80, but not in Ohio with Michigan plates, that’s just asking for a ticket.

Remember when, we used to be able to fill up our gas tanks for 20 bucks?


Day 45 Panorama Skyline Pitt

Today’s upload is actually an edit of some of the photos I took last night.  After I returned from Pittsburgh today, I edited 3 of the night scene photos I took last night edited in Photoshop to create this panorama.  Photoshop does a nice job of lining up the images, I am impressed by the outcome.  This panorama helps to recreate the feeling that I had when I was taking the photos.  I continue to be amazed at the quality of photos my iPhone 4S produces.  It is so convenient to pull out my phone and grab a picture.

Day 44 Pittsburgh Night Skyline

Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled to see something extraordinary. I’m sure Grandview Ave. isn’t rare to those who live in Pittsburgh, but it’s a new site for me. I shot this night scene with my iPhone 4 in HDR mode. I love the way the lights reflect in the water. This is where three rivers come together, known as the Confluence.

I turned around and there was another night scene photo opportunity, St. Mary of the Mount.


Day 39 Night Willow

The moon was amazing tonight and the sky was very clear.  I took the camera out in the field and set up the tripod to try and “shoot the moon”.  As bright as the moon was, I still needed a very long exposure and had to bump up the iso to 1600 so there was more noise than I wanted.  The first picture has processed with surreal settings in Photoshop.  For the second shot, I moved out to get more of the willow tree, going for a silhouette of the gnarly, twisty, branches of the willow.

Day 6 Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas has come and gone, New Years day has come and gone, and all of the Christmas decorations have been taken down, placed in their plastic containers and stowed away until next year. But we just couldn’t bring ourselves to throw our Christmas tree away. We love the Frasier Fir and it’s short, soft needles. The Frasier Fir has been our choice for Christmas trees the last 11 years. So, we have begun a new tradition, instead of throwing out the tree after all the decorations have been removed; we strip it down until only the lights remain, and then we place it on the deck to be enjoyed for another month. This makes a beautiful night light and also helps us to remember the Joy of Christmas and God’s gift to all of us; the birth of His only Son, Jesus. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:16,17 NIV