Day 280 – Meredith in Autumn

What started out as a dreary, rainy, fall day, turned into a beautiful Autumn evening for Meredith’s Senior Photo Shoot in Midland County.

Day 57 Amelia’s Winter Photo Shoot

Today we scheduled Amelia’s Winter photo shoot.  We figured we better make it happen since we had snow on the ground.  After all in Michigan, you never know how long the present conditions will remain.  We could have 50 degrees and sunny tomorrow, which would put an end to any winter snow shots.  So off we trekked to the Gugel Bridge, a Frankenmuth favorite.  We were blessed with another beautiful sunny day, although it was very cold and windy.  We had to act fast so we wouldn’t freeze.  Amelia was a real trooper braving the cold.  So we shot some photos on the bridge.  Amealia’s friends decided to join in the fun.  So we had everyone pose for a group shot.  


A few more photos and then I suggested that we go to the Hart One Room School house and take a few more at that location.  I really like that setting with the snow, and the rustic feel, with the split rail fence and the weathered wood.  So we jumped in our vehicles, cranked the heat up, and headed over to the One Room Schoolhouse for a few more shots, and then we called it a day.  We were just too cold to continue.  It was worth braving the cold though, we ended up with some very nice photos.  Thanks Amelia.