Day 250 – Portrait of Vera our Shorkie

Vera is our Shorkie (half Shih Tzu and half Yorkshire Terrier). Now, when friends first meet Vera, their first thought is, that she is an ugly dog. After they get to know Vera and witness her personality, they say, she is adorable and they don’t feel that she is an ugly dog. It’s hard to get a good picture of Vera, because she is do dark, the details are lost, unless you have the proper lighting. I used my studio Elinchrom BX250RI strobes for this shot. The lights really show the detail that are normally lost in our snap shot pictures we take. Now if I could just get her to smile and relax more.

Day 193 – Black and White Grunge Portrait

Bummer, I missed a post yesterday! It totally slipped my mind. We attended a meeting and on the way home I made a mental note to get the camera out. When we arrived at the house, I turned on the MLB All-Star Game, then sat down to watch. After watching a while, I grew tired, then retired to my comfortable bed and was out like a light. I awoke from a deep sleep, panicking, “oh no, I didn’t post a photo!” Oh well… For today’s photo, I wanted to compare an effect from On One’s Perfect Frame 4.6. I shot the photo, processed in Lightroom 4 as a black and white photo and then exported to Photoshop CS5. The first picture I added a black outline by extending the canvas. For the second photo, I added an effect called, “Aged Wood” from Perfect Frame 4.6. The dark frame adds a grungy, dramatic, and mysterious feel, by adding to the shadows, it leaves more to the imagination.   I feel bad that I missed yesterday’s post, I will try to keep on track the rest of the way!

Day 82 Portrait of Vicki


I finally persuaded my lovely wife Vicki to pose for a portrait. In addition to being my wife, she is my best friend, and I enjoy our time together. So it was great that Vicki was willing to pose. I wanted practice lighting with 1 light. I’m glad Vicki posed for me, I really like this photo. I like the way the shadows create a mysterious feel. My light source was a Nikon SB900 in a soft box. I have been shooting mostly in manual mode lately. I have found it helps me become more aware of the light and depth of field in my photos; which in turn helps me to become more involved with each shot. The result is that there is more of me in the photos, I am more intimately involved with each picture. I used to just set it on aperture or shutter priority and let the camera decide what the best setting was. I have come to enjoy manual mode.

Day 57 Amelia’s Winter Photo Shoot

Today we scheduled Amelia’s Winter photo shoot.  We figured we better make it happen since we had snow on the ground.  After all in Michigan, you never know how long the present conditions will remain.  We could have 50 degrees and sunny tomorrow, which would put an end to any winter snow shots.  So off we trekked to the Gugel Bridge, a Frankenmuth favorite.  We were blessed with another beautiful sunny day, although it was very cold and windy.  We had to act fast so we wouldn’t freeze.  Amelia was a real trooper braving the cold.  So we shot some photos on the bridge.  Amealia’s friends decided to join in the fun.  So we had everyone pose for a group shot.  


A few more photos and then I suggested that we go to the Hart One Room School house and take a few more at that location.  I really like that setting with the snow, and the rustic feel, with the split rail fence and the weathered wood.  So we jumped in our vehicles, cranked the heat up, and headed over to the One Room Schoolhouse for a few more shots, and then we called it a day.  We were just too cold to continue.  It was worth braving the cold though, we ended up with some very nice photos.  Thanks Amelia.