Day 245 – Arts Beats and Eats

20120901-221725.jpgWow a blast from the past. Attended Arts Beats and Eats in my hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan, a first for me. What a great time seeing old high school friends and watching REO Speedwagon perform.

Day 237 – Computer Issues

It’s been a tough week technically speaking. My computer is running as slow as molasses. I had problems last week publishing photos to this blog. The problem, as far as I can tell, was a virus. I cleaned the virus off and was able to publish once again, but the old dell was still turtle slow. So now i am in the process of moving my photos to an external hard drive in the hope that will solve my problem. Thank goodness I am able to publish via iPhone!

Day 235 – Freshmen Move in Day at CUC

Today was freshmen move in day at Concordia University Chicago (CUC). We packed and shuttled our youngest, Justin to Chicago for his freshman year at the University. Vicki and I are now empty nesters with our two kids attending college. Many questions spring up kn my mind… How and when did we get so old? How will we manage without kids in the house? Will the house stay cleaner longer? Will Justin remember to call Vicki every night?
Helping Justin move in and seeing his dorm room, meeting his roommate, and being welcomed by his Resident Assistant was a comfort for us as parents. We waved goodbye to our youngest and drove off, confident that Justin will do well, and also a little sad, knowing we will miss seeing and visiting him daily. Its all part of growing up; Vicki and me growing as parents, and Justin continuing to grow and learn as a young man. Wow, where did those years go?

Day 226 – Recycled

This is a Day Lilly i shot a couple months ago and had it printed very large with the intent of somehow framing it with this old window we picked up at a garage sale. The print is too large and I’m not sure that I want to trim it enough to make it fit as I may lose some of the important elements of the photo.

Day 209 – A Flush Beats a Full House

Today didnt start well for us. None of our toilets would flush, our drains would not drain, and water was dripping from the drain pipe and running all over the basement floor. We determined we had a septic tank problem. We searched the phone book and dialed the closest Septic Service. The phone rang and the answering machine kicked in, “klines Septic Service, where a Flush beats a Full House everyday”. I knew we had found the right man for the job. We needed a flush, we had a full house. Randy came over, after I dug to uncover the two caps to the septic tank (I’ll probably be sore for a week). By 11:00am we were back in business. A little tip for anyone with a septic tank, be sure to have it pumped out once every 5 years. Remember in the septic business a flush beats a full house every day. 🙂


Day 202 – Super Moto

Super Moto in Downtown West Branch, one of my favorite events. They close off the main road, and truck in enough dirt to make a “table top”, which is a jump, then race right through town. The street is lined with spectators who are wildly cheering for their favorite. A very long day for me, as I got back to camp, I was whisked away to go shoot the bands Jedi Mind Trip and Big Gun, an AC DC tribute band. Now I am shooting the host band, Ernest Entertainment. A very long day indeed.