Corn and Clouds

I was driving home from my last call in Fairview and was taking in the rural beauty. The sky was a deep blue and filled with beautiful puffy, cotton-like clouds, all hovering over a field of corn; a typical rural skyline in Michigan’s “Thumb”. I couldn’t resist, I stopped the truck, rolled down the window, and captured the scene with my iPhone 4S.

Day 159 – Rural Mailbox

The rural mailbox is an icon for rural living. Sometimes the mailbox is a target for young pranksters. My mailbox has fallen victim a couple of times, but it’s still standing strong. I don’t get too upset, I was young once too. 🙂

Day 42 Windmill

I’ve driven past this field many times without thinking twice about it. The other day when I drove past, I thought, “that would look great with snow in the field, too bad there isn’t any snow. Well this morning when I drove past, I pulled out my iPhone to capture the scene. I love the vines and the old windmill standing by itself in the field.


Day 29 Bucolic Winter

I love rural America.  I especially like to see old barns, barns made of wood, of all shapes and sizes.  The wood barns have much more character than the new pole barns.  I know these old barns will become a rare sight with each passing year.  Our farmlands are giving way to new homes and subdivisions, rural America is becoming citified.  This barn is on the edge of Frankenmuth, just before you get into town.  I love the red against the sky and the white snow.  The word bucolic, describes a rural, country setting.  I like bucolic.  It has a nice comforting sound to it.