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Senior Recital

My daughter, Amanda performed her Senior Recital last Sunday. It must have been more than coincidence that her performance was on Palm Sunday, the day we celebrate and remember Jesus’ Triumphant arrival in Jerusalem. This performance of Amanda’s was her Triumphal Swan song for her college career at Saginaw Valley State University. I know I am a biased dad, but Liszt, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff never sounded so beautiful. Amanda looked beautiful and poured her soul into each piece she played, it was amazing. Truly one of my proudest moments as a dad. Well done Amanda! Now on to the next chapter…
This picture was taken while she was warming up.

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Day 239 – Happy 1st Day of College

Today was the first day of college for Amanda and Justin, even though they attend different colleges, they both had their first day today. The first day of school was always an exciting time in our house while the kids were growing up. We always made sure to take a picture of them dressed in their new school clothes, adorned with their back packs, and anxiously waiting for the bus. This year we were not able to take a picture, with Justin attending Concordia University Chicago, and Amanda attending Saginaw Valley State University and living on her own, Vicki and I were not able to see them off. So, Happy 1st Day of College to Amanda and Justin, and all the other college students!

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Day 65 Awesome Archways

One of the features I love about the National Cathedral are the many archways, and the detail the stone carvers placed into them.
This monochrome photo looks almost like a drawing. I liked the color version, but this black and white image with the detail bumped up a bit really highlights the craftsmanship of the stone carvers. The National Cathedral suffered substantial damage from the earth quake and is still undergoing repairs. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I could spend an entire day in the cathedral taking photos and I still wouldn’t be able to capture all of the views or angles. It is a spectacular place, and to be able to listen to Amanda and the Cardinal Singers was icing on the cake! For more information on the National Cathedral, you can visit the website. Here is another view of more awesome archways in layers.

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Day 64 Cardinal Singers at the National Cathederal

Today the Saginaw Valley State University Cardinal Singers performed at the National Cathedral in Washington DC.  Wow, what a beautiful Cathedral, I could spend the whole day there, and we have before.  The Cathedral suffered damages from the earthquake and some of the repairs are not totally completed.  There are protective screens just below the top layer of stained glass windows, to protect everyone from possible debris falling.  That was the only drawback, it limited the reflection from the stained glass windows.  You can just imagine the colorful reflection without the screens in place.  Everything else was awesome, including the Cardinal Singers, who all sang beautifully.