Day 150 – Shine Like the Sky

Leaves, sky, and puffy white clouds, even in black and white are pleasing to the eye.

Day 48 Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that it was gray and dull and the sun didn’t shine, oh what a whiner I was.  Well today was gorgeous!  The sun was out early and what a beautiful blue sky we had, with nice puffy white clouds.  I quickly grabbed the Nikon and set it up for another HDR shot.  I shot this one handheld.  I was reading Dimitrii’s blog on how to shoot HDR in 3 easy steps recently and he mentioned that a sky with clouds is desirable for HDR photos.  Well today the sky was cooperative.  Thank you Lord for providing us with such a beautiful day today, making the everyday scenery sparkle with the light you shine down on us all.