Project 365 Photography

Day 30 Strings

The piano.  I’ve photographed the keys; love that contrast the black and white keys provide.  Life for us all would be much easier if it were like the keys on a piano, black or white.  Right or wrong, no gray areas.  I also had some shots of the brass foot pedals contrasted against our wood floor, with the grain of the wood reflected on the shiny black lacquer of the piano, the pedals looked as if they were floating.  Today, I “popped the hood” and looked inside.  Now you can understand why the piano is a stringed instrument.  I love the different textures the strings and the pegs provide.  I placed my flash right inside, off camera.  I like the effect the side lighting provides.  The strings look great, but they sound much better, especially when they are being played by an accomplished musician; no, not me, I’ll stay behind the camera and leave the keys to one who knows how tickle them and make beautiful music.