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Day 217 – D.I.Y. Pringles Speedlight Snoot

I am always looking to add to my photography gear. The problem with adding to my gear is, everything I want to add usually has a high price tag. One of the pieces that I’ve been meaning to add for quite a while is a snoot for my Nikon SB900. A snoot is a light modifier that concentrates the light from the flash down to a much smaller point. It is very useful in portraits as a hair light, adding dimension and separation from the background. I was looking at ordering a snoot on Amazon, then wondered if I could make one myself. So I googled do it yourself snoot for speedlight and found a Youtube instruction video from Conrad, “Do-it-yourself: Speedlight Snoot”. Wow, how much easier could a project be? Off to Meijer I went and $1.79 later, I had my new gadget as shown above. Thank you Conrad for posting the youtube instructional video.

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Day 32 Woody’s Photo Shoot

Sometimes it is tough to find time to get out and take pictures during the work week.  Tonight we also had a meeting at church, so my photo time was limited.  I decided it was time to get out my Nikon SB 800 strobe and reflector and practice my lighting technique.  I used my SB 800 in a soft box high and to the right of, “Woody”, and placed a white reflector directly to his left to fill in the shadows.  I used a faster shutter speed, 1/250th at f 5.6, to darken the background area so it would not create a distraction and keep all attention on Woody; he’s such a happy and friendly model.  The wood grain of the table blends nicely with Woody’s “skin” tone and the dark background really helps him stand out.  Thanks for being such a cooperative model Woody.