Project 365 Photography

Day 288 – Day Break

Wow, this morning on the way to a meeting, I had to pull over and take a photo. The sky looked like it was on fire. I shot this photo with my iPhone4S, and processed in Dynamic Light.

Project 365 Project 365 Photography

Day 37 Saginaw River

What a beautiful day to drive by the river.  I stopped by the Panda House in Saginaw to pick up dinner.  I decided to bring my Nikon D300S, just in case, the lighting was really nice this evening just before the sunset.  This time of day is sometimes referred to as the golden hour.  It also occurs in the morning just after sunrise and provides beautiful lighting.  I love the golden glow of the sun shining on the concrete bridge, and the rail and lamp posts running off into the distance.  There were gray clouds, but they enhanced the scene.  This is the Holland Street Bridge which crosses the Saginaw River.  It wasn’t our typical February day, in past years we would see this area populated with ice fishermen.  Today there were fishermen, but they were in their boats enjoying time on the river, in search of walleye no doubt.  I didn’t have to catch my dinner, just carried it out from Panda House, placed it in the truck and that shot a few frames before heading back to eat dinner with Amanda and Vicki.