Food Project 365 Photography

Day 191 – Some Things Never Change

I remember eating these as a kid, so I know they’ve been around for a while. I was curious, so I Googled Tootsie Pops and found the following on Wikipedia

Tootsie Pops[1] are hard candy lollipops filled with chocolate-flavored chewy Tootsie Roll. They were invented in 1930 by Lukas R. “Luke” Weisgram, an employee of The Sweets Company of America. At an office meeting employees were asked to share any ideas for new candies. Mr. Weisgram had been thinking beforehand. Just the other day, Clara, his daughter, had shared a lick of her lollipop, at the same time, Weisgram had a Tootsie Roll in his mouth. He thought about how good it tasted and up popped an idea. The board loved his idea and began to plan for the creation of this new candy.

I shot this using available window light. I didn’t capture all of the flavors, seems my family likes the orange pops the best. 🙂