Day 263 – Simple Lines and Texture

The simple lines of the lights against the texture of the brick create a simple elegance. I processed this photo in Photoshop CS5 using HDR Toning to accent the detail.

Day 206 – Poplar Leaves

I like to look up at the leaves of the trees, so I can see them with the sky as the background. Looking at the leaves from the underside exposes a different texture, the backside of the leaves usually have ridges and veins that branch out and become smaller and smaller as they near the edges of the leaf. The problem is if you expose for the leaf, you blow out the colors of the sky, creating an almost white background which I feel detracts from the leaves. In the photo above, I played with the filters in Photoshop CS5. I used the colored pencil filter on a new layer, then inveresed (spelling) the image, creating an image that looks like a pencil drawing.

Day 185 – Steel Cut Oats

This is a shot of my breakfast preaparation; Steel Cut Oats in a 1/4 cup measuring cup, ready to add to 1 1/2 cups boiling water. This is a great start to the morning, Oatmeal and a cup or two of coffee. I really like Steel Cut Oats, they have a better texture and after I’ve eaten them, they stay with me longer, so I don’t feel hungry at mid morning. I eat them plain with a little Silk Almond Milk.

From Wikipedia

Steel-cut oats are whole grain groats (the inner portion of the oat kernel) which have been cut into pieces. They are commonly used in Scotland and Ireland to make porridge, whereas rolled oats are used in England, other English-speaking countries, and Scandinavia. They are sometimes named after the grade of cut, e.g. pinhead oats; steel-cut oats from Ireland are sometimes called Irish oats. Steel-cut oats are golden in color. They come in different grades depending on the size of the pieces: pinhead (the largest), coarse, medium and fine. Steel-cut oats take longer to cook than instant or rolled oats due to their minimal processing, typically 15–30 minutes (though much less if pre-soaked). The flavor of the cooked oats is described as being nuttier than other types of oats, and they are also chewier.

If you like a little more flavor, you can add some fruit to the oatmeal. I’ve tried dried cherries, blueberries, apples, raisins, walnuts, and pecans and all make a very tasty breakfast. It does take longer to cook, but tastes so much better than quick oatmeal. Have a Great Day!

Day 72 An Apple a Day

You know what they say about an apple a day…

I sliced this delicious honey crisp apple with one of those gadgets Vicki picked up at a Pampered Chef party. This is a really great way to slice up an apple, it makes uniform, bite size pieces. This tool makes it easy to eat an apple a day. After all we are supposed to eat at least 5 servings a day of fruit and vegetables. I’ve been trying to hit that number, but it’s not always easy, just like everything else. For this photo I used soft box with my SB900 flash unit. I shot the photo in RAW and then processed in Photoshop CS5. I used the “ink outline” filter and added a little texture to give the photo more of a painted look.