Winter Morning Sun

It was a crisp clear sunny morning. The sun providing a back light to the beautiful ice clad branches of the trees against a clear blue sky. It’s Christmas Eve morning. Looks like we will indeed have a white Christmas.

Day 92 Remember When…

Sometimes we forget about our favorite activities from our childhood days until something jogs the memory. This was the case today as I was out shooting with the Nikon. I love trees, in case you haven’t noticed yet. I really like the way the rugged, sturdy trunk branches out to smaller and smaller branches, then twigs, and eventually, once Spring kicks in, leaves. It’s while the trees stand bare, that we can really appreciate the framework. In this shot, I leaned in close to the trunk, pointed my camera upward and released the shutter. I really like the look of the branches as they fan out from the trunk of the tree. Without the leaves, we are able to see the blue sky peeking through all of those branches and twigs. I processed this photo in Adobe CS5 and added a layer with the find lines filter, to give the tree a little more of a fine art feel. As I was processing the photo it jogged my memory back to my childhood. This is the view I would have when sizing up a tree for climbing. I took it as a personal challenge to climb the “hard to climb” trees. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment to climb a “hard to climb” and then perch atop a sturdy branch and just look and take in the surrounding area from high above the ground. Funny thinking back to my tree climbing days… it doesn’t appeal to me in the least now. I would much rather stay planted firm on the ground, lean into the sturdy trunk with my camera in hand, peer through the view finder and capture a nice photo; and then remember back to those, “good old days”.

Day 13 Now This is January

Fresh January snow clinging to the branches of the trees and brush

Now this is what we’ve come to expect during January in Michigan, snow and lots of it.  Up until today, it has been a very mild winter, we had a light dusting of snow in December and earlier this week we saw temperatures climb into the fifties!  I love the way the snow clings to the branches of the trees.  I love to see the new fallen snow without a track in it.  Everywhere we look it has that fresh and clean look.  This is why we live in Michigan; to enjoy each of the seasons.  Welcome Winter, stay with us awhile, we enjoy your company, but please try not to wear out your welcome.