Day 256 – Trumpet Grunge

I like the way the Grunge effect in Snapseed, interacts with the brass of the trumpet and the wood.grain of the floor. Shot with iPhone 4s, processed in Dynamic Light and Snapseed. There are so many great aps to enhance the awesome photos taken with the iPhone.

Day 143 – Last Band Concert

Tonight was Justin’s last high school band concert at Frankenmuth High. Justin has been playing the trumpet since the 5th grade, so concerts are nothing new to him. Tonight though, this would be his last high school concert. I can remember times during my senior year (a very long time ago), when I would pause to say to myself, “this is the last time…” I took this available light shot of Justin, as all the band members were entering the stage area and taking their places. I like the way the light is shining on him. I think he has that contemplative look, as if he is saying to himself, “this is my last high school band concert”. You often hear coaches say before the big game, “play this one as if it’s the last one you’ll ever play”. Tonight the band played as if it were their last time; and they sounded terrific. Way to go Justin! Way to go Frankenmuth High School Band, you played beautifully. Congratulations seniors!

Day 15 Musical Instruments

Music is said to, “soothe the savage beast”.  I find it difficult to remember things from long ago.  But when I hear a song from long ago, I can remember every note and word like it was yesterday.  Songs are tied to events in our lives.  We hear a song and instantly memories rise to the surface.  We remember where we were, who was there with us, and everything that was said and done.  The memories can be of happy times, sad times, and thoughtful times.  We read about David soothing King Saul in the Bible, maybe that’s where the “savage beast” saying came from, Saul certainly acted as a savage beast on occasion, especially toward David.  A day without music, I can’t imagine it.