Day 257 – CDT Test Cases – Upper and Lower Partial

Many of you know my wife, Vicki is a partner in the Schmitt Dental Lab. Vicki’s grandfather started the business back in 1928 and when he passed on, her father took over. In 2010 Vicki and Mary Ann purchased the business from Ed, Vicki’s father. In August Vicki went down to Lexington, Kentucky to take the practical exam to become a Certified Denture Technologist in Removable Partial Dentures. The test required a lot of preparation, as she had to fabricate an upper and lower partial. I am not able to list all of the steps it takes to build these partials you see in the photos, but I will say the key ingredient during the prep time was that bottle of Advil in the middle picture. Recently Vicki received her test scores, she had to anxiously wait 4.5 nerve wracking weeks for the results. I am so proud to say that she scored 100%. Way to go Vicki!


Day 46 Sock Yarn

My wife, Vicki, loves to knit.  She is affectionately called by her nickname, Vicknitti.  Vicki finds it very hard to pass by a yarn shop, so when we go on vacation, we also plan a few visits to local yarn shops.  Vicki says this yarn is called, “Birds of Paradise”.  It’s a natural fiber, made from Alpaca, Merino Wool, Silk, and Nylon. This is a current project, a sock in the making.  I like the texture of the yarn with the detail of the fiber strands, and the wooden knitting needles, not to mention the different colors.  These socks when finished, are very warm and comfortable, and they look nice too.