Day 256 – Trumpet Grunge

I like the way the Grunge effect in Snapseed, interacts with the brass of the trumpet and the wood.grain of the floor. Shot with iPhone 4s, processed in Dynamic Light and Snapseed. There are so many great aps to enhance the awesome photos taken with the iPhone.

Day 32 Woody’s Photo Shoot

Sometimes it is tough to find time to get out and take pictures during the work week.  Tonight we also had a meeting at church, so my photo time was limited.  I decided it was time to get out my Nikon SB 800 strobe and reflector and practice my lighting technique.  I used my SB 800 in a soft box high and to the right of, “Woody”, and placed a white reflector directly to his left to fill in the shadows.  I used a faster shutter speed, 1/250th at f 5.6, to darken the background area so it would not create a distraction and keep all attention on Woody; he’s such a happy and friendly model.  The wood grain of the table blends nicely with Woody’s “skin” tone and the dark background really helps him stand out.  Thanks for being such a cooperative model Woody.

Day 4 Piano Pedals

The piano is such a beautiful instrument, the sound it emits, the rich tones are limitless to the gifted musician. I love the contrast of the black and white keys. The keys are the most obvious but what caught my eye today were the foot pedals with the wood grain background of our floor. The reflection on the piano made it look as if the pedals were floating between the floor and a wood grain wall.