Day 248 – Zoom Blur Effect

I read an article on “How to Take Photos with the Zoom Blur Effect“.  The photo above is my attempt at using this effect.  It’s relatively simple, you use a zoom lens and a long shutter speed, I used 1 second.  Then you press the shutter and zoom either in or out while the shutter is open, working hard to hold the camera steady as you zoom.  I am anxious to try this technique on some other subjects.  This one is just a shot of our breakfast nook area.  There are some nice examples in Darren Rowses’ article.  This is just one more technique to help us be more creative while we are out taking photos.

Day 95 Red Winged Blackbird

I saw this Red Winged Blackbird perched on the top of the Spruce tree. I approached slowly, hoping to get close enough to get a good shot. I released the shutter just as the bird started calling, and caught him with his beak open. You can see the way his body flexes as he puts his all into the call. I shot this with my 18 – 200mm lens and then cropped it close.