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Day 224 – Glads

Vicki’s favorite flowers are Gladiolas. I bought these from a lady in the area, she raises beautiful glads. Pink is also Vicki’s favorite color.

Floral Nature Project 365 Photography

Day 190 – Hosta in Bloom

I really like our Hosta plants. I like the leaves with their straight lines running, end to end, and I really like when the hostas are in bloom. The dainty little blossoms hang down, and humming birds visit to drink the nectar. My hope is to one day capture an image of a humming bird dining at the hosta blossom.

Project 365 Project 365 Photography

Day 170 – 3 Stages Up Close

The Bud

The New Blossom

Full Bloom

Floral Project 365 Photography

Day 161 – Beautiful Rose

Vicki and I stopped by the Anderson Enrichment Center today on our way back from Saginaw. I’ve never been there before, but they have beautiful plantings there and a nice fountain right in the center. The Center is behind what used to be the Anderson Water Park. This is one of the most beautiful roses I have seen, with three different colors; pink, orange, and yellow. The orange reminds me of sherbet.